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  1. #181
    Foren Gott
    Registriert seit
    17. February 2005

    Standard AW: MKVToolnix

    18.0.0 "Apricity"

    ## New features and enhancements
    * build system: when building with clang v3.8.0 or newer, `configure` will no longer restrict optimization flags to `-O1` and use `-O3` again (older versions of clang suffered from excessive memory usage with higher optimization levels).
    * build system: when building with mingw 7.2.0 or newer, `configure` will no longer restrict optimization flags to `-O2` and use `-O3` again (older versions of mingw suffered from bugs such as segmentation faults with higher optimization levels).
    * build system: stack protection is enabled when building with clang 3.5.0 or newer on all platforms.
    * mkvmerge: AVC & HEVC ES parsers: performance improvements by copying much less memory around.
    * mkvmerge: tags: reintroduced a workaround for non-compliant files with tags that do not contain the mandatory `SimpleTag` element. This workaround was removed during code refactoring in release v15.0.0.
    * GUI: multiplexer: the "AAC is SBR/HE-AAC/AAC+" checkbox in the "audio properties" section will be disabled if the functionality is not implemented for the selected track's codec & container.
    * GUI: multiplexer: the "reduce to core" checkbox in the "audio properties" section will be disabled if the functionality is not implemented for the selected track's codec. See #2134.
    ## Bug fixes
    * mkvmerge: AAC ADTS parser: fixed interpretation of the `channel_configuration` header element for ADTS files that do not contain a program configuration element: value 7 means 7.1 channels. Fixes #2151.
    * mkvmerge: Matroska identification: the `date_local` and `date_utc` attributes will only be output if the identified Matroska file actually contains the "date" header field.
    * mkvmerge: WebVTT: mkvmerge did not recognize timestamp lines if the hours components were absent. Fixes #2139.
    * mkvpropedit, GUI's header editor: the `date` header field won't be added automatically anymore whenever the segment info section is edited and the `date` element is either deleted or not present in the first place. Fixes #2143.

  2. #182
    Foren Gott
    Registriert seit
    17. February 2005

    Standard AW: MKVToolnix

    19.0.0 "Brave Captain"

    ## Important notes
    * The MKVToolNix project now contains a [Code of Conduct](
    * The MKVToolNix project's source code repository, bug tracker and wiki have been moved to [GitLab](
    ## New features and enhancements
    * mkvmerge: splitting by duration, by timestamps or by timestamp-based parts: mkvmerge will now consider the first key frame within 1ms of the requested value to be eligible for splitting.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: the GUI will now save and restore the widths of columns in tree and list views. Implements #2057.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: when closing or reloading a modified file, the GUI will now focus the first element that's been modified before asking the user for confirmation regarding discarding unsaved changes.
    ## Bug fixes
    * mkvmerge: fixed reading text files encoded in UTF-16 order UTF-32 that have different forms of line endings (new lines, carriage returns or a mix of both). Fixes #2160.
    * mkvmerge: MP4 reader: fixed mkvmerge's interpretation of edit list entries with `segment_duration == 0` when there's more than one edit list entry. In that case mkvmerge was reading the whole content more than once. Fixes #2152.
    * mkvmerge, GUI's multiplexer: MIME types: added the `font` top-level media types from RFC 8081. This means that the following new MIME types for fonts can be used: `font/ttf`, `font/otf`, `font/woff` and `font/woff2`.
    * mkvmerge: MPEG transport stream reader: fixed slow speed on Windows due to lack of buffering.
    * mkvextract: fixed slow track extraction speed on Windows due to lack of buffering. Fixes #2166.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: changing the "subtitle/chapter character set" drop-down was ignored when the selected track was a chapter track. Fixes #2165.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: once a "subtitle/chapter character set" was set for a track it couldn't be changed back to the empty entry (= auto-detection) anymore.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: fixed re-translating several displayed strings when the GUI language is changed if the language the GUI was started with was not English. Fixes #2159.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: whenever a file did not contain a "date" element in its segment information section, the GUI would erroneously ask the user to confirm discarding unsaved changes when closing or reloading the tab. Fixes #2167.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: job queue: jobs are now saved when their status changes in addition to when the program exits. Fixes #2168.

  3. #183
    Foren Gott
    Registriert seit
    17. February 2005

    Standard AW: MKVToolnix

    20.0.0 "I Am The Sun"

    ## Important notes
    * Feature removal: several deprecated features have been removed:
    * mkvmerge: the deprecated options `--identify-verbose` (and its counterpart `-I`), `--identify-for-gui`, `--identify-for-mmg` and `--identification-format verbose-text`
    * all command line tools: support for the deprecated, old, proprietary format used for option files
    * all command line tools: support for passing command line options via the deprecated environment variables `MKVTOOLNIX_OPTIONS`, `MKVEXTRACT_OPTIONS`, `MKVINFO_OPTIONS`, `MKVMERGE_OPTIONS` and `MKVPROPEDIT_OPTIONS`
    * mkvinfo: most of its code was re-written in order to lay the groundwork for
    including its functionality in MKVToolNix GUI but with more features than
    the existing mkvinfo GUI. The result is that a lot of its output has been
    changed slightly while keeping the basic layout. Changes include but aren't
    limited to:
    * Several element names are a bit clearer (e.g. `Maximum cache` instead of `MaxCache`).
    * All timestamps and durations are now output as nanoseconds in formatted form (e.g. `01:23:45.67890123`). All additional formats (e.g. floating point numbers output in seconds or milliseconds) were removed.
    * Element names for chapters and tags are now translated if a translation is available.
    * Elements located in wrong positions within the Matroska document are handled better.
    While mkvinfo's output is mostly kept very stable, it is not designed to be
    parsed by other utilities. Even though I've tried hard to cram all changes
    and cleanups into this version, additional changes may be made in the next
    couple of releases depending on user feedback and bug reports.
    ## New features and enhancements
    * mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 packetizer (framed): access unit delimiter NALUs will
    now be removed. Implements #2173.
    ## Bug fixes
    * mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 parser: when fixing the bitstream timing information
    mkvmerge will now use exact representations of the desired field duration if
    possible. For example, when indicating 50 fields/second `num_units_in_tick`
    is set to 1 and `time_scale` to 50 instead of 5368709 and 268435456. Part of
    the fix for #1673.
    * mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 parser: mkvmerge no longer assumes that encountering
    sequence parameter set or picture parameter set NALUs signal the start of a
    new frame. Fixes #2179.
    * mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 packetizer (framed): when mkvmerge is told to fix the
    bitstream timing information, it will now update all SPS NALUs, not just the
    ones in the AVCC. Part of the fix for #1673.
    * mkvmerge: MPEG TS reader: TS packet payloads will only be treated as PES
    packets if the payload actually starts with a PES start code. The prior
    behavior led to wrong timestamps and potentially broken frame data. Fixes
    * mkvmerge: MPEG TS reader: mkvmerge will now drop incomplete PES packets as
    soon as an error is detected in the transport stream instead of passing the
    incomplete frame to the packetizer. An error is assumed either if the
    `transport_error_indicator` flag is set or if the value of the
    `continuity_counter` header field doesn't match the expected value. Fixes
    * mkvmerge: Opus: when re-muxing Opus from Matroska mkvmerge will now write
    "block duration" elements for all block groups where a "discard padding" is
    set, too. Fixes #2188.
    * mkvmerge: SRT reader: mkvmerge can now handle SRT files with timestamps
    without decimal places (e.g. `00:01:15` instead of `00:01:15.000`).
    * mkvmerge: read buffer I/O class: the class could get out of sync regarding
    the file position of the underlying file I/O class causing wrong data to be
    returned on subsequent read operations. One result was that trying to
    identifying MPLS files that refer to very short M2TS files caused mkvmerge
    to segfault.
    * mkvmerge: multiplexer core: if there's a gap in audio timestamps, a new
    block group/lace will be started for the first frame after each gap. Before
    the fix the frame after the gap was often stored in the previous block group
    causing the gap to be in the wrong place: at the end of that block
    group. Fixes #1700.
    * mkvextract: AVC/h.264: if two consecutive IDR frames with the same
    `idr_pic_id` parameter and no access unit delimiters are found between them,
    mkvextract will insert an access unit delimiter in order to signal the start
    of a new access unit. Fixes #1704.
    * MKVToolNix GUI: update check dialog: Markdown links will now be converted to
    clickable links. Fixes #2176.
    * build system: fixed a race condition when creating new directories if `rake`
    is run with `-jN` in newer versions of Ruby/`rake`. Fixes #2194.
    ## Build system changes
    * [cmark](, the CommonMark parsing and
    rendering library in C, is now required when building the GUIs.

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